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There both good members for my party but I cant decide.
P.S: Samurott is attack and Jellicent is Sp. attack

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Is this Ingame? Eitherway, Jellicent in completely boss. Go w/ Jellicent.

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Like Rio said if its ingame it doesnt matter. Competitively you cant compare the two as they both have different Roles. Jellicent is a Wall while Samurott is a Sweeper. So decide if you need a Sweeper or a Wall and pick.

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In addition to what SpumWack said, it all depends on what your other team members are. If you have more physical attackers, go for Jellicent, but if you have more special attackers, go for Samurott.
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Well, personally I would go with Sammy (Samurott!) lol, but you can decide by the stats.

Jellicent is better by 5 points in HP [ 100>95 ]
Samurott is better by 40 in attack [ 60>100 ]
Samurott is better by 25 in defence [ 70>85 ]
Samurott ALSO is better in sp. attack by 23 [ 85>108 ]
Jellicent is better in sp. defence by 35 [ 105>70 ]
Samurott is better in speed by 10. [ 60>70 ]

(The Higher number is the Pokemon with the higher stat!)

With the movepools: Samurott has a wider movepool, with great moves such as mega horn, Dragon tail, Ariel ace and a few more, especially in egg moves.


Samurott: http://Pokemondb.net/pokedex/samurott
Jellicent: http://Pokemondb.net/pokedex/jellicent

SAM - U - ROTT! (no offence samurott)

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Typing has to be taken into account. Jellicent has an incredible typing, which makes it much better at defense then its stats would lead one to believe. This is why Jellicent is OU (samurott by the way is NU.)
Agreed, you can NEVER judge a Pokemon by it's base stat. Factors such as typing, movepool, avaliable roles etc. are the things that make a Pokemon worth using.
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Well to start off with Samurott has a higher stat base than Jellicent.
As for movepool, I would say they are pretty matched since Jellicent
has Water Spout and Hydro Pump,
but Samurott with

  • Mega Horn
  • Hydro Pump
  • Aqua Tail
  • Razor Shell/ Swords Dance


  • Water Spout
  • Hydro Pump
  • Ominious Wind
  • Recover

As for stats as I said Samurott is better with his:

  • Attack and Sp.Atk pretty much the same
  • Decent Hp

As for Jellicent:

  • He has a slightly lower Sp.Atk
  • Also has a decent Hp

but overall go with Samuroot.
Hope this helps! :3