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swords dance
extreme speed
mach punch

swords dance
bullet punch
bug bite
super power

Both Adamant nature
Both Life orb
Both 252Att/252Hp/6Spd


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Well first of all, if you're going Lucario, I would suggest Special, but oh well.
This thing is a BAWS. Technician and a 130 attack stat destroys all. Plus Bullet Punch, and Swords Dance can make this thing unstoppable. Plus he has a ton of types that he is strong against, so on any OU team, Scizor will be a big help.
However, also in OU is Ninetales, which is more than capable of taking Scizor down. Plus Infernape on Scizor can be a hastle too!
Overall, a very good Pokemon!
Man, I love this guy. He's just so awesome. He has the awesome dual-typing of Fighting-Steel, and a ton of moves that he can use to his advantage. In my opinion, Lucario is a special attacker, but there is nothing wrong with a physical. He can also be used as a weather counter with Blaze Kick for Abomasnow, T-Punch for Poletoad and E-Quake for Ninetales.
But like every Pokemon (apart from Arceus) Lucario has his flaws. Again, Infernape can be a big problem. He can outspeed Lucario and OHKO him with a Flare Blitz/Close Combat. Even a Mach Punch would do a lot of damage. Also, he has to watch out for Landorous who is one of Lucario's main rivals.
I would definetly go for Scizor. Techinican is a BEAST ability, plus priority in Bullet Punch and access to Swords Dance.


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I couldn't agree more Kingdra ;p
lol you are SCIZORnicican!
STAB U-Turn and a base 130 Attack also makes Scizor a great Choice Band/Scarf user.
I see no point in having a choice scarf Scizor. 65 base speed + choice scarf won't even be that fast enough for some Pokemon in OU.
i use a Banded Scizor to great effect. U-Turn with STAB and Choice boost is really annoying to face, and Bullet Punch makes a beastly Late-game sweeper.
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I would choose Lucario, as his moveset is awesome.

Plus he has two priority moves, plus the extreme speed will be devastating with s-dance!
The downfalls of Lucario are that its defences are not great. While scizor could without too much trouble set up the s-dance, lucario would be a bit more risky. But one more good thing about Mach Punch is that it gets STAB, which helps a LOT! Scizor on the other hand has only one weakness I believe, but that is a 4x, so yaa.

In my logic and experiance, I would go with Lucario, But the Pokemon are yours so you decide!

Lucario has a ton of weaknesses compared to Scizor, and he has the pleasure to outspeed any threats  with Bullet Punch. Also with Technician, it will do amazing power. And on any team there should be something to absorb fire.
Above, good point, because Scizor's only weakness is Fire. Good type.