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I would like to use Blitzle in white 2 but it's location isn't on it's dex page yet.
And I don't want any " Blitzle sucks you shouldn't get it" comments or answers. I have never used Blitzle or Zebstrika before but I want an electric type and Flaafy isn't really working for me.


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You have to breed Zebstrika to get Blitzle or you have to trade.


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Wild Blitzle don't appear in Black2/White2. There are, however, Zebstrika in Route 3 and Route 7. If you want a Blitzle, you'll have to trade/breed for it.

As for getting a different Electric-type Pokemon...if Blitzle isn't an option, try getting a Magnemite from Virbank Complex. Your next best bet would be Emolga (look for rustling grass in Route 6) or trading for an Elekid from Black2.

Either way you go, here's the thing. Flaafy might prove reliable if you give it time, the reward being high Special Attack and a few status moves. Blitzle/Zebstrika, in my opinion, are underrated while having superb Speed and useful Abilities. The Elekid line has huge power and Speed at its disposal. And the Magnemite line has high Special Attack, defenses, and decent Speed on its side. Any one of the Electric lines given can't do you wrong.

Elekid is in W2. Magby is in B2.
I know. That's why I said trade for one from B2 into W2. -_-
You gave the same answer i did but with other useless information
I gave options, is all. Do remember, he isn't just asking a question, there's a problem that drove him to ask the question. So I answered the question, and then I gave him some suggestions that would also resolve the underlying problem. And this information's really only "useless" if they choose not to follow it, which is fine.
He just asked for where is blitzle, he didnt want any other options
Look, I was trying to help, I meant no offence...sorry if I sounded rude.