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Weavile has 252 Atk 252 Spd. 4 HP evs.
Weavile uses Ice Punch on Sabeleye
Sableye has a 65 base defence stat, (ev spread probably 252 HP 252 DEF)
Ice Punch does 36% of damage.
Ice Punch gets STAB
Ice Punch is boosted by max attack EVs, and Weavile's base attack stat.
That should've done way more? Could someone explain this to me?

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how much damage did it actually do? lol yiu forgot to add that!
This is from PO, which does not show the damage; only the percentage. lol
maybe your Weavile waz lv.50 and sableye waz lv.76 lol.

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Well...thing is, people are used to more power because of the commonly used Choice Bands, Life Orbs, etc. If Ice Punch is not super-effective.... and you're not holding a boosting item... and Sableye is bulked up, then... that's just it. I'm sorry, but I ran damage calcs. That's just the way it is. People are too used to super-effective OHKOs.

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LOLz, I guess that's why switching and switching again is so popular XD
You don't need to randomly put ... after every sentence.
Also there isn't a move that is Super-effecive on Sableye!
The same with Spiritomb
Foresight and fighting type move.