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Okay so I was wondering to use jolteon of thunderus (therian) and like jolteon is faster than it but its sp.atk is less. But if I give jolteon with choice specs(525), its special attk would be higher than thunderus (therian) and even with modest nature jolteon speed is still a great 361. and if I give thunderus (therian) a modest nature its speed would a low 301 but if I give it choice scarf its speed would be 451.5. So I'm having a hard time choosing between the two. any ideas or suggestions or tips?? Power(jolteon) or speed(thunderus)?


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Woah there.

Jolteon with Modest can't have 361 Spd...
It can only have 359 :3
But really, it depends on what you need for your team. For a powerful attacker that can make dents in the opposing teams, go with Choice Specs Thundurus.
Choice Specs Jolteon hits hard, but is more of a revenge killer. So if you want Speed, go with Jolteon.

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Haha my bad, I totally meant 359, I was even looking at that number!! Idk how I got 361! I think I'll go with jolt!
lol, it happens.