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I was batteling a friend on ds. It started with that I sent out my Jolteon and he his Ferrothorn. I used Curse twice and he used leech seed and one power whip miss. Then he used Then he used Explosion before my Jolteon and crited.

The question is how the heck did he be faster??

And I'm 100% sure that I havent cheated

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I don't want to answer as Im not totally sure but I think it would be the curse effect of lowering your speed.
But not that much jolteon is 4x faster than Ferrothorn. Maybe it is a glitch?
Possible, Did you have any EVs or anything? Boosting natures? Anything like that?
It's clear that he doesn't ev train cause who gives curse to a jolteon knowing its fast and is a special attacker
My best guess the ferrothorn had a quick claw and he knew the mechanics behind the item.

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266 / 2 = 133.
Max Speed Ferrothorn: 152

If your Jolteon has 302 Speed or less, and Ferrothorn has Max Speed, Ferro actually outspeeds.

Also, maybe Trick Room was up?

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Nope Trick room was not used then i could have figured it out by myself