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I have a Lucario and I was wondering which I should choose here are the stats



Aura Sphere/Drain Punch
Bone Rush
Ice Punch
Swords Dance.

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Drain Punch since you are running a all physical set with Swords Dance. Plus you have more attack anyways. You could go mixed if you wanted though.

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Aura Sphere Brah
Drain punch has 60 base power and only 5 pp. its not that powerful for draining, since when were the absorbing moves powerful.
Aura sphere has 90 base power and infinite accuracy. That's really special since they're usually 60. plus don't you wanna use lucario's so called signature move

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sorry i forgot :P
It's not Lucarios signature move just to let you know.
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Just to let you know, drain punch has power 75 and pp10 since BW
Swords Dance + STAB 75bp Drain Punch's healing capability > STAB 90bp Aurasphere's guaranteed accuracy on a Physical set.