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I was just wondering if it was worth it to train trapinch to level 73 to learn fissure because it's a good move but it doesn't always work and it will take a long time so I''m just asking for your opinion (Sorry if my spelling is wrong) P.S. I'm in White 2

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Fissure is a horrible Move, and it is not worth Lvling up a Trapinch that much for such a bad Move. Your best best is Lvling it up to LV 55 to get Earthquake, but even then, you can use the TM. You're better off going with evolve it all the way to Flygon, because I don't see how you would get a Trapinch all the way to Lv 73 anyway. Flygon would be doing more danage overall than a Trapinch with Fissure ever would, honestly.

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the only time OHKO moves don't suck are if you cheat and put Sheer Cold on a Choice Scarf Ninjask with No Guard as an ability. and that's just broken.
Suicune can make pretty good use of Sheer Cold actually. Used on the switch, it can KO a counter where no other move could.

"Flygon would be doing more danage overall than a Trapinch with Fissure ever would, honestly." Funny thing is Trapinch doing as much damage as Flygon with any other move.
@DA: if you use an Action Replay to change a Ninjask's ability from Speed Boost to No Guard, give it Sheer Cold, and give it a Choice Scarf, you now have a guaranteed OHKO move that no type has immunity to, NEVER misses, and barring a OHKO from a Priority move, Ninjask's already ridiculous Spd combined with Scarf means it will always get to use its guaranteed OHKO move first. Rape on a stick my friends.
Ok, but this is about something legitimate, not Hackmons.
And anyways, why not use Deoxys-S if doing hackmons? :P
And my Suicune thing still holds.
and as i said, the only time OHKO moves don't suck are under NON legit conditions. the Suicune thing is the one exception. and to your last question, because its funnier to pwn with Ninjask than Deoxys-S, who doesn't blow goats when not hacked.
and Sheer Cold is the best of the OHKO moves anyway. Guillotine and Horn Drill are useless against Ghosts, and Fissure doesn't affect Flying types or Levitate users. Sheer Cold is the only one that will always OHKO if it hits.
Articuno, Mind Reader, Sheer Cold. BAM
Great. First off, that is Articuno that can do that (and Smeargle, but whatever.) Second, that is worthless, as the foe will just switch out. Kind of makes things a psuedo-haze, like Yawn, but still not the best move. And it requires using Articuno, an Ice/Flying type! Suicune is amazing, and can pull off using SHeer Cold on a set, Articuno can't.
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Not really. In the time that you are trying to get Fissure to hit, you can kill the foe off with something else.

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No fissure Is a horrible move especially for in game.
5 pp and a 3/10 chance of hitting when you could have a Flygon at a higher level because it's Easyer to train.
Not worth teying

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