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Which have the most Sp.Attk and which have the most Attk?

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do you mean Stat wise or move wise?
Move wise.
okay im about to answer then
Then i will leave this to you. Godspeed.

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Normal has the most Physical and Special Attacks.


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Normal has the most over all and the most physical. There is a tie with special for fire and normal. Source: Various bulbapedia pages

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wrong fire has 18 normal has 19
there are 18, your source counts smellingsalt as special and it is physical
also there is technically 17 normal special ones if you dont count Hidden power
Why would you not count hidden power then you have to take it away from all types dropping them down one
i said if but my main point is that your source includes smellingsalt as special even thought it is physical
where does it say on Kyron's source that Smellingsalt is special? It says physical for me...
Yea it said special earlier and when i told Pokemaster he fixed it
alrighty then, im out of this.