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I just have 3 more to ask, and I don't want to clog up PokeBase.

  • Which signs in the Unova Region have graffiti the the back?
  • Where is the "face" board in Humilau City?
  • Do rematches of trainers count for the Battle Medals?

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  1. That just means read every sign. :P its meant to be a joke.(Edit: Apparently there's a sign on route 2 with graffiti on the back of it, so if more are found ill edit again.)

  2. According to the guys in chat you have to go down and to the right of the Pokemon center. There you will find the Frillish Board and you can proceed to take a picture and get the medal.

  3. Yes it should

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#2 = The Frillish sign.
oh the Frillish Sign thanks
No worries.