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by all versions, you mean every Generation??
Whaaat? Graffiti?
Trachy, not sure why you asked for all versions but I modified the question a bit to make it relevant for BW2.
And Mew, I am not sure if that answer is correct - I have read the back of many signs but don't have the medal yet.
P.S. I prefer it if different questions are asked as different questions, they show up better when you search for them. Don't worry about clogging up Pokebase :)
Just adding here, I saw in a forum somewhere it says to check "Route 2" for the sign with graffiti. If anyone is that far in the game, go ahead and check that location!
Lol, the only sign I've seen that has grafitti on the back is in route 2
Well, I just wanted to know for the other games out of curiousity, since I don't read the backs of signs (except in one case).

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I will answer for Black/White 2 now and update my answer later if/when I find any more.

For the medal in BW2 you need to read the back of the sign at the north of Route 2.

Regarding other versions, I definitely don't remember any graffiti in any of the generation 1 or 2 games. I'm sure there is some in gen 4/5, not sure about gen 3. Anyone else feel free to contribute to this answer :D

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