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I am planning my Black team and I just learned that Tynamo is a pretty late electric type.I would like to know what are all the early electric Pokemon.(At least before the 3rd gym.)(P.S. if this is a repeat,sorry.)


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All electric types in BW2:
- Ampharos evolution
- Magnezone evolution
- Electivire evolution
- Jolteon
- Emolga
- Zebstrika evolution
- Galvantula evolution
- Electross evolution
- Stunfisk
- Zekrom

The earliest ones would really be:
- Mareep
- Magnemite
- Elekid
- Eevee (Start training)

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Genesect is not an Electric type and you get it from a wi fi event, so you can get it at the start of the game...
xD Whoops. I thought the Shock Drive made it part Electric, not make Techno Blast part electric. And I forgot that Kyrurem-B is still Dragon/Ice, not some mysterious electric type it isnt. Sorry for this... Chaos?
Chaos everywhere you go, Chaos everywhere you go
Don't care what anyone says, Electabuzz is better than all of them. Screw evoloution!
Take Elekid out. He said Black 2 and Elekid is a White 2 exclusive.