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I'm making a mono-bug team in Black 1 and Heracross is part of it.
Should I teach him Brick Break or Close Combat?
They are both good moves.
They both get STAB.
But one lowers your defenses but to compensate it is a powerful move.

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That depends upon the rest of your Team.
If you have some more Defensive Pokemon, then go right ahead with Close Combat.

However, I'd suggest both Brick Break and Close Combat, if you haven't decided the other moves. Pros of
Close Combat :

  • High Power

- Low PP
-Defenses Loss

Brick Break
- Decent Power
- More PP
- No negative Side-effects.


  • Lesser Power than Close Combat( about 45 Base Power difference)

So, it's actually up to you. If you don't get a good move, then go ahead with both.

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btw, brick break has a base power of 75.
Also I didn't put in the moveset because someone would have hidden it.
My team has a couple defensive pokemon.
This is the moveset I planned for Heracross:

Night Slash
Aerial Ace
then it was gonna be either Brick Break or Close Combat
so I will probably go with Brick Break. Thanks for the answer! Upvote for you.
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Don't forget that Brick Break neutralizes the effects of Light Screen and Reflect.
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it depends on what you want.If you want something like a powerhouse finisher move,go with close combat.If you want something that you can use a lot,go with brick break.But personally,I'd take the brick break for you heracross.

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yeah, that's exactly the kind of answer I was looking for. :)
No problem.But also test both out and see how they work with your heracross.
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it's ok.his was better.