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One of the (many!) things I am working on is a set of pages for each game. For each one I want to list some of the key changes and updates in each game. Something similar to the right hand column of http://pokemondb.net/black-white

For example in Diamond/Pearl, we would put that they changed the physical/special move categorisation to be for individual moves, not based on the move type. And in Ruby/Sapphire double battles were introduced.

Anyone who wants to help, simply post an answer with some of the changes. You can list as many or a few as you like. Try not to repeat what others said. Huge thanks in advance to anyone who helps!!

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Some Changes in GSC: Two new Types Created:Dark and Steel

                   Pokemon were split into Genders
                   New ways of Evolution:like Happiness and Trade with Items
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Gen 2

Addition of a time/day of week system. Night and Day also included.
New Pokemon added.
New moves added.
Two new types added (steel and Dark.)
Genders and breeding added.
Addition of femle playable character.
Additional PokeBalls.
Shiny Pokemon.
Happiness for all Pokemon.
Pokerus added.
Hold items.
Special stat split.
Bag now has sections.
Movement animations for Pokemon.
Addition of Pokegear.

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They got rid of night/day in gen3, right? Then brought it back for gen 4?
There was time and day system in RSE but not in FRLG
Yep, Shxatoap is right. The time/day system in RSE was barely used for anything though.
It was helpful when you wanted to evolve your Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon and don't have the console games.
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Gen 3

Additional Pokemon and two new forms of Unown.
More moves.
Addition of abilities and natures.
Storage system is easier to navigate.
Pokemon Contests and contest stats added.
Weather conditions that appear on routes.
Battle Frontier added.

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Gen 4

New Pokemon, moves, and abilities.
Time system is back.
More of a 3D game.
Physical-Special Split.
Gender differences.

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