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I successfully changed the gravatar I was using yesterday, but when I came back to the site, I found the Gravatar Logo. I refreshed with F5 but it didn't work. I come on today and find my Gravatar is still not there - just the logo. Help?

I've fixed it now :D

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Did you select the Gravatar from the screen that said choosing your gravatar?
also whats the rating for your gravtar
After changing it scroll down on your profile and click save;)
It happen to me before.

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Are you absolutely sure you saved it? Also if you change your email address here then the avatar will change as it's based on your email.

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Yup, I saved like I did for my previous Gravatar...
But how is Gravatar based on your Email set on this site? You have set up accounts for Gravatar.
Oh, I get it now, the image only goes to sites with the matching Email. I set up a new account coz I changed my Email for this site recently :D