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Well we all know who Mr.{Shadow} Is.He Is Dead And Gone/New and Improved ;)
So there are some questions that have harsh words on them Like These>

Those are the only Three I could Find But I Think There are some more.

And Two Of those links are just Harsh Comments.And If There any more PLease leave a comment with the link so they could be EDITED Thanks;)

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I hid the first two but the third was a suggestion not entirely directed at you.
Thanks Speed That One isnt That bad Just Some A couple of mean Comments But Thanks
Sorry on the question!... But it was total chaos when it was Mr.{Shadow}, but now I have a great new friend named (Abnormal1!). '
P.S. Shouldn't I have had a suggestion on how to stop Mr.{Shadow}? Just think, what if there was a new person and you (and well, everyone else) are trying to stop him/her. Wouldn't you want to stop the abusive user? (Please don't hate me!!! T-T)
Whew. That question title made me think I was wanted to do my job instead of just make TCG decks.
@Rio your right I would probably do the same thing.
And your my best friend on the site I would never hate you .
Yay! :D

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OK they all seem to be hidden now. Problem solved.

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Problem solved;)