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I always wondered what time it was in different countries so I know the chances of them being on this website, so I can chat with them.

Thank you for reading this suggestion.

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Time zones take a little getting used to but it's not difficult when you know. I think the majority of members are from the US & Canada so if you are too, just come online normal times. Everywhere else is further ahead in time.

Here are some time zones, based on GMT:

West America/Canada (California, Vancouver) = GMT -8
East America/Canada (New York, Toronto) = GMT -5
England/UK = GMT
Most of Europe = GMT +1
India = GMT +5
China = GMT +8
Japan = GMT+9
Australia = GMT +11

Just make some rough guesses based on that. So if you're in New York and chatting to someone from Japan they are about 14 hours ahead. See also: http://everytimezone.com/

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Pokemaster toronto doesn't have the same time zone as all of east canada. atlantic canada is one hour ahead.