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Okay, I was just wondering if this question would be flaged or down-voted in PokeBase:

Title: "Strategy for Brawly Help (Emerald)?"

Additional Text: "I need a good strategy for defeating Brawly (Dewford Town Gym-Leader in Emerald).
I have a Taillow, Poochyena (<Useless), Nincada (<also Useless), Mudkip, and Dustox.
My Dustox knows Confusion and Poison Sting.
I'm not asking for a Strategy using JUST these Pokemon, I can Catch others."

^Is that question Okay?

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Honestly I wouldn't ask that, as it isn't really against the rules but I can tell you right now what the answer will be.

Level up your pokemon. Also, you don't even have to battle Brawly when you come to Dewford, you can completely skip him and come back when you have higher leveled pokemon.

I can pretty much gauruntee that the answer will resemble that.

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Or it could resemble: Level up your Pokemon (a good place for that is outside of Slateport City) and catch a Sablye in Granite Cave.
Yeah but either way, level up your pokemon is the ideal solution.