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I made a site, and I have some friends who want to become a user on my site, but I don't know how to add users on Google Sites? HELP?

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Why not ask google?
Only making this a comment because I'm not a master of coding or anything, but I believe creating this user system usually requires a script (Presumably Java) to tell the website how to organize user info when people sign up. You use a database/spreadsheet to organize the info they send in, and from there, it's about linking interaction between the database and website together with more code and scripting. It's pretty high-level stuff if you want to build it from the ground up.

Many websites borrow open-source scripts though, which are basically scripts you can install onto your site that are already made by other coders. Like SF said, a simple Google search may give you some open-source scripts that are free to use. Googling something like, "User membership software" or something to that effect may provide answers. Depending on the web platform you're building the site on, however, this may not be possible.
Most website builders either have it or don't. Ex: Weebly DOES NOT. Questions2Answer, the format for this site, DOES.

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Pokebase uses a system called Question2Answer that includes all the login stuff (but I have developed login areas before now by myself). Other programs like Wordpress or Joomla do this too. [@Will, they use PHP not Java ;)]

But Google Sites doesn't have PHP, these days you can only get that if you pay for hosting. GS might have some member management or login stuff though, I don't know. You should go and ask them.

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cool i really want to make a site too.