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Maybe mentioning on the other trainers that each of them specializes in a specific stat.

Cheryl: Hit-points

Buck: Defense and Special Defense

Marley: Speed

Riley: Attack

Mira: Special Attack

It is nothing Major I just though it might be worth noting and could help people new to Pokemon in defeating them. Example: You know Mira uses fast Pokemon so Trick-room or Faster Pokemon are useful or you know Mira uses Special Attackers so you use Pokemon with High Special defense etc.

Also adding Gen IV/III TMs and Move tutor moves the moveset searcher.

Maybe giving Mods/Editors the ability to make resolved Questions not able to be answered. That way we do not have tons of new users repeating what other users have already said. Also having Mods/Editors capable of unsealing questions if it is found that the it is not actually resolved or new information is released(Though one would only seal if they were 100% sure it was resolved).

I hope you consider them :D You are doing a great job!

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Note: I am not sure if that last suggestion is possible with the program that you use for the site.
Resolved questions sounds nice. And maybe auto-generating tags to help prevent duplicate questions? Although that would also probably be a lot of work.
Occasionally, I go to the last page of the "Tags" page to look for duplicate tags, and re-write the tags so that they can be found easier.
e.g. Solar-beam instead of solar and beam.

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You know, somehow I never realized that those trainers specialized in certain stats! I will add those.

Gen 4 TMs and Move Tutors are already on the moveset searcher. I checked with Dark Pulse and Dragon Pulse and Hyderigon came up. Let me know if there is a combination that doesn't work for you.

I have been looking at stopping new users answering old questions. I noticed we've been getting a spate of those recently. Q2A has an "extension" feature so almost anything would be possible, it just takes a bit of work.

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Cool thanks for answering :D

And the combination Psycho-shift+Rest+Sleep talk does not have anything even though that Deoxys can have it.
Thanks, I'll check that out. I already fixed the Platinum trainers BTW.