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I've seen questions that get closed immediately even though they could have been good questions if they just had some more details. When someone sees "closed with the note: lacking detail", they can't edit the question, and some can't post on walls or even don't know that they have walls. So what are they supposed to do?

The whole point of closing is so that everyone can still see and comment on the question in case clarification is needed, is it not?
I'm fine with leaving something open for a day or so before closing, but as HT said, they can still clarify via comment even after its closed, so it doesn't matter much either way.
In that case, are you making sure you're checking the comments?
Yes, we are checking the comments. Every question I close gets favourited so I know immediately.
Okay. Maybe it's a good idea to tell them you're waiting for them to comment.

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