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I have a suggestion that would completely stop duplicate answers. Beside the Q, there would be a closing button. When it has been activated, nobody else can answer the question. This button is only visible and usable by the asker of the Q, Experts/Editors/Mods/Super-Admins. If you want to answer a closed Q because the previous answer(s) were wrong, you must appeal to an Expert/Editor/Mods/Super-Admin with proof that the previous answers were wrong. This will prevent duplicate answers.
Hope you liked the idea. Sorry if it's low quality as i am on my 3DS.

This is a great idea jcm.
There was this option before. But it cause to much trouble. It didn't really 'fit in' with the site as this a place where you can learn about more stuff. The admins will just get spammed if people wanna answer closed questions, it will waste time. Pokemaster closed the feature as soon as it came out. He will probably close it again if it comes back.
Lol tag xD
I suggested this a while ago.
Great idea.

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I don't want to do that, because it prevents people who actually do add better answers later on. We already have moderation set up for "late answers" on questions so that's enough for now.

And to reiterate for the millionth time, if someone answers in a short space of time and ends up posting a very similar answer, it doesn't matter.

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