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Well, it's more an old feature that I've updated to work a little better. Questions can now be 'closed' by Editors or Moderators. (Previously when I turned this feature on, users could close their own questions which caused some problems.)

Closing questions is a precursor to hiding them. The advantage for users is that their post doesn't suddenly disappear, they can see a reason it's closed. Closed questions can be hidden at a later date (for example a week later).

Editors/Mods can now see a "close" button next to "hide". When clicking that you'll get a box labelled "Reason for closing this question, or URL of duplicate question". If you're closing due to rule-breaking (for example it's an opinion question) then put a short reason in the box. If you're closing due to a duplicate question, copy and paste the URL of that question in the box. For the latter, when closed it will show a link to the duplicate question. Example

Anything like spam or offensive posts should continue to be hidden as normal. Let me know here if you have any questions/concerns.

Can closed questions be edited by the asker btw? So could I comment on something, close it and if the asker then adds more information later then reopen it?
@PX Nope, I couldn't edit it after.
Noticed the extra styling given to the closing message. Really good, I can see this being especially useful now. Thanks!
The new styling given to the closed feature is great! It passes in with the style of the site. And it also stands out more now. Great thingie!
NOTE: The example is hidden by now, so clicking on it will link to a hidden question you can't see.

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