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Again just a suggestion and i know the about me section of the profile is only ment to be a few sentances long but it would be nice to put working links in rather than having to copy and paste it into the url search bar.
Allot of users are starting to put links in there profiles but the website is the only one that works.
Also maybe even let the profile be like an actual question and answering format seen as other users are starting to add teams and all that rubbish, it would just make it allot easier to read.
That would be a nice touch to have like bold writing and block quotes.

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Pokemaster already said that it was only a few sentences when this question.was asked. And you can put links in profile, a lot of users do. Example dts.

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This is unlikely to happen. As you said there is the Website field for one link. I don't really want everyone spamming dozens of links in their profile, how can you want to link to so many websites?

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