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By "Trivial", I don't mean small or stupid questions, I mean questions that are not geared to competative battling or completing games, but are really just for the sake of knowledge. Like:

>Which type was most abundant in each generation?

I was going to ask this, but i'm not completely sure about the rules.

It says no poll or vague questions, but maybe you have a different meaning then me that does or does not allow these types of questions. Just want to be sure.
I don't want to be flagged or down-voted to OBLIVION!!

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Well there are many rather trivial questions that are allowed for the sake of knowledge. But ones that are easy to look up are not allowed. Like: What is the heaviest Pokemon?. One could easily look that up on Bulbapedia in less than a minute.

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We don't allow questions that can be easily looked up, such as what level a certain Pokemon evolves at.

Questions like the example you gave I would not call completely trivial. If you are interested in the answer, and it's not easily found anywhere then go ahead.

P.S. if this is a question you want to ask, do it and let me know. I should be able to calculate the answer from our database :)

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Here it is Pokemaster. Work your magic: