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Loads of new users are asking them and they get angry when hidden.

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Already is.

Rules summary (for the lazy) I know some people are too lazy to read
this entire page, so here's a short summary of what you can/can't do:
No polls or purely opinion questions. Post in proper sentences, not
text-speak or shorthand or long run-on sentences. Only actual answers
should be posted in the answers box - for replying and limited
discussion use the comment link under each post or take it to the chat
room. If you want a moveset, we already have a question for it, so use
the search.
Only vote questions down if they break the rules here.
Only vote answers down if they are incorrect or unreadable. Vote up
correct answers and interesting questions. No battle/trading requests;
use the chat room for this. No Tell me what Pokemon to use type
questions. No in-game team questions (they have too many variables to
be useful, and you don't need perfect teams for the story). All team
questions go on the Rate My Team sub-section here. Make sure to check
the rules below for asking team questions. To ask about this site, go
to our meta-site here.

> Moveset questions - we already have a huge set of questions dedicated
to this! Just search for the word 'moveset' with the pokemon name,
e.g. 'moveset metagross' to find some great suggested movesets. If you
think you have a great moveset, post it as an answer to the question,
and others will vote it up or down accordingly.

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It doesn't say NO moveset questions. That's a nice way of putting it, but some users take it the wrong way :/
Or they just don't read the rules...
Mew, yes it does say that. Right under the heading "What kind of questions can I NOT ask?" it says moveset questions.
And also a big red box comes up as soon as you type "moveset" in a question.
Maybe I didn't read the rules. LOL