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You may not agree with this but I know it would help many users including me.

Ok, it would be nice to have a guide like this coming from the people who use weather a lot. Josh could explain rain for an example, then the members can contribute with potential members for the team.

So we would have a small guide explaining the weather and it's threats then below the question(guide) we could have fellow members of the site answering members.
Just like a move set question with lots of answers.

As I said this would help me and other users a lot as they would now have a place to find out what works well in that weather for when making a weather team.

There would be guidelines for answering for example you would have to explain the role and how it functions.

Obviously of this was to go through there would be 4 questions for each weather. 5 if we were to include trick room.

I hope you think about this Pokemaster.

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TBH, I like the idea at some points, but I don't. Separate move-set questions? No.
Perhaps we could use the Tutor-Apprentice system.
I see your point but not everyone needs tutoring, i dont need it but i still have trouble making sucsessfull non hail teams.
Plus there are not enougth tutors unless we use people like me.
trachy, Hex, Mike, Josh, HF, Linkpower, Mew, etc.
Who downvoted?
i disagree about the tutor-apprentice thing you see how fast our last one went down we had more apprentices then tutors. not many people got the help the wanted
I agree with the idea, but not the way you want it displayed.
For example, you can answer this question with Rain info. Other members can comment on things that you can add. Experts, Mods, Editors, etc can edit stuff in too.
Facts about the rain (Thunder gets 100% accuracy)
Who sets the rain
Good rain Pokemon and some movesets
Support Pokemon
Something like that format.
Bringing back up, i really want pokemasters veiw on this.

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That's a nice idea. I think it could probably be done here on Pokebase, if someone asked a relevant question such as "What are some tips for using a rain team?", "What are some tips for a sun team?" etc, then everyone can contribute some information.

We should avoid posting too many movesets on those questions, since the moveset questions for good rain Pokes already have them, but the stuff that Mew said up there ^^ is good.

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