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Hey guys, I've been busy lately so that's why the server hasn't been up consistently like usual. However...

It's become too much of a pain to host that server. Idk what happened but the server no longer is stable and I simply don't have the time to fix it. So I'm thinking I'll move the server to PO, where it's MUCH easier to host. I'll keep you guys posted, I might be able to get it working later this week.

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PO is much better anyway. Though only a handful of people have it which is a shame.
Aww, I don't have PO...
Nevermind. I got PO now.
I like PO but is is harder for me to access and in this case I invariably prefer Showdown. Js
If I get some time I can look at implementing an official PokemonDb server for Showdown.

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Believe me, PO can be a pain. I've worked on a PO server before. I don't recommend it. Plus you need to port forward your router and completely insert the tiers. More people use the Showdown simulator.

I can help you, btw. Just meet me in chat.

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I'm with Ninja. I'll help and PS is easier to run than PO.
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Ok, Ninja and HF. We need to come up with a meeting time to sort this out.
Comment underneath with you prefered time and date.
Is 3:00pm (GMT) alright?
We will talk on a Pirate pad when we meet in chat.

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Well I'm still pretty busy as of late. I mean, and I know this isn't for a while but I would be most free at the beginning of June.