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I am overwhelmed with the mass amount of Items in the items page. Obviously there are thousands of items, but if I am building a team I would like to know what items are most popular in the a competitive metagame (items used a lot like Leftovers, Life Orb etc). I thought this would be a great help since sorting through that many items can become a pain.

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The teambuilder on showdown suggests popular items when you make a team, is there a specific reason we should have a list too?
I don't think there's much reason for it since it's generally pretty obvious what items are good and what items aren't especially in competitive. Showdown by default shows a list of items by five categories anyways:

Popular Items: Items frequently seen on numerous Pokemon, contains typical standbys like the health restoring berries, choice items, leftovers, etc.
Items: A long list of items with useful effects, but can't easily be as splashed on like the Popular items. The list is too long but notable items include Z-Crystals, most berries, plates, just anything with a useful side effect.
Pokemon-Specific Items: This category is exclusively for items meant only for certain Pokemon, as well as Mega Stones (though specific crystals aren't here for some reason)
Usually Useless Items: These items are typically outclassed by other choices (status berries, just use Lum), don't do much of note (when was the last time you saw the Destiny Knot activate?), or hinder you in the process, like the Iron Ball. Items like these have an additional effect, no matter how situational or useless.
Useless Items: A long, thorough list of items that do nothing at all are are only usable as Fling or Natural Gift. These also include the type gems, because only the Normal Gem has ever been released in Gen 6 or Gen 7.
thx tbh I was just on a rant about everything, I'm sorry for waisting ur time
We don't even have a Competitive list for Pokemon, so this is incredibly unlikely.

Also don't worry about wasting our time. Everyone has questions and suggestions, so we don't mind answering them.

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