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Well we've had several example recently of users who are just getting the privilege to vote abusing it and voting terribly.
What's been worrying me is some really REALLY poorly written questions that can VERY easily be looked up in our own database are getting up-votes.
As an example: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/70158/how-do-you-catch-a-rilou-in-dimiand-without-hatching-a-egg

First off, they're asking where to find a pokemon. That's insanely easy to look up in our database. Riolu is kind of rare, but it's still pretty darn easy to look up considering Riley is pretty much there the second you get into the cave.

Then to make things worse, they mis-spelled the pokemon's name they were asking about, AND they mis-spelled Diamond.

" If you see a question that is very poorly written or breaks one of the rules here, then vote it down. " - The Rules

Polar opposite happened in that question. It fits the exact criteria to be voted down, and gets voted up. Seem fishy?

Now that I've went through that, I have a few suggestions to keep crappy voting out. I would like the make the note that that isn't the only kind of poor voting we've been having, it's just the example I chose to give.

So here are the suggestions in a fairly short form.

1. - Up the point limit for voting. Most of the users around 80 points still don't really know what they're doing with voting. It's been proven over and over again. I didn't vote properly when I was that new to the site, most users didn't. Our more recent users haven't been. I would up it to around 200. Same for flagging, honestly. trachy has given a suggestion about this and has some more examples to support why we should have this happen.

2. - Make it against the rules to ask for votes in the chat. This HAS died down a bit, but it's safe to say it doesn't need to start up again. Not very long ago we had several users always begging for votes in the chat. And for a while, whenever anything gets down-voted ( Whether it deserves it or not ) the user who got down-voted immediately goes into the chat begging for someone to up-vote it back up. This is a pretty straight forward way of saying that anyone who has a negative opinion pretty much gets no say.

3. - Perhaps going into more details in the " How to vote section. " and making a few examples of easy to look up questions. Also, making it to where if a user get's 5 of their questions hidden in a day they get a 1 day ban. ( Kind of like the 5 flags hides a question system. )

4. - Just throwing this in there. The whole " Don't let users see who hid their stuff " suggestion is still strongly being pushed for! ;]

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yes. i agree.
Yeah, i couldn't vote up anymore... :O

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  1. I'll take a look into this, but it doesn't seem too bad at the moment.
  2. It's already against the rules.
  3. Yep, I've been meaning to add more stuff there, like the "unwritten rules" that DT posted elsewhere, which should be "written rules".
  4. I'll check into this... I didn't think users could see questions when they are hidden.
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For question four he mainly means answers I think. Although I think they could see their hidden questions if they asked it and they have the link to it. Not sure about that though.
You can see hidden stuff if it was something you posted.