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I think it must be banned to up-vote answers to tournaments, or PO user-names....

Look here and here; No offense to ANY of you guys, but it is not fair. For Tournaments, a BA can be given to the over-all winner, other wise people just keep getting votes, while others struggle.....

Thanks for reading, and I hope this rule is added..

--Triceratops Rex

why does it matter its just up-votes, people give up votes because the either like the pictures or the name, its really no big deal
Its just Meta points, they are not really worth anything anyway.
Guys, I do want to express a point he is making.
Users who can't vote on meta ( for good reasoning ) due to points, could easily get bumped up this way. Although I don't think we've had much of that go on that it's harmed the site.
I saw that point, but it's not like the other places like the Q and A or the RMT where the votes have more importance. Pokemaster stated that you can vote purely on opinion towards meta proposals, so if anything, that would help jumpstart things. There's always the old comment box, too, which is how most people present their reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with a suggestion.
hey, why did i get a down vote? it was just a suggestion, after all.
"Pokemaster stated that you can vote purely on opinion towards meta proposals"

On the meta, people can vote on stuff based on their opinions, since the points don't matter and it gives a general idea of what people think of suggestions.

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I'm not going to add a rule for this. It's perfectly fine to upvote tournament posts if people want. Like others said in the comments, points are pretty much irrelevant on the meta.

ok, fine...
since you said it.