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Why do my questions keep disappearing?

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Every time I try to ask a question, it disappearrs within an hour.

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That happens to me, too. It gets so annoying. I asked what the pros and cons of the Soul Silver starters were and when I clicked somewhere else and came back, it disappeared. I also answered a question and that question disappeared. It only happens to SOME of my questions, not all of them. I retyped my question and it disappeared once again. It makes me so mad.
it was hidden it broke the rules

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Your dratini question was a duplicate, see:

And the one about the hillbilly names was kinda stupid, sorry.

None of your other questions are hidden so don't get disheartened. See here for what makes a bad question: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/1306/what-would-be-considered-as-a-bad-question

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Hillbilly names? Can you unhide it and do some random answer for it so I can see it?
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Most likely this is because one of the editors saw it had negative votes was a bad question or had already been asked before I have heard there supposed to hide any questions with negative 4votes

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