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At the moment i am writing this question on my DS this means i can conneect to the site and ask/answer questions. But every time i try to connect to the chat it doesn't tell me who is on and it won't let me post or see posts. Is this because i need Adobe Flash Player? .If so can it be downloaded onto a DS?
Thanks in advance :]

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It is possible that the browser doesn't support some newer web features we are using. It doesn't require Flash, just something called Javascript which the DS browsers all support.

Are you using the Opera browser for the DS lite? (That's the one that comes on the cartridge.) Or the browser on the DSi? (Which I think is built in.)

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It works fine on 3DS, it is a bit laggy, but still. It works awesomely on PS Vita, but it's total crap when it comes to DSi and DSi XL. Trust me, I tried.
Slightly laggy and crashy on my iPod.
This is on my DSI browser it is a Opera browser. (i know this because it says when i click on the web icon :p)
^ if that confuses you i mean the DSI browser is still done by Opera.
Scizornician, wake up, it lags on the DSi..
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No, the chat room does not need any downloadable software to work it, and, no again, you can't install Adobe Flash on DS. The most likely reason is that the chat room isn't compatibe with the DS, or the page has simply not loaded yet. If you have a slow connection, you will have to be patient with it. Though it is likely to be an internet issue, keep in mind DS' aren't entirely powerful; and were designed for gaming and entertainment, not specifically internet browsing. If you have another internet connencted device, I would suggest using that.

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Ok thnxs i just  don't think DS's can handle all that power :p