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Ok before you instantly think ok polls, been asked before.
Well don't because this is a suggestion for the battle subway which would work like this.

Ok so when making an RMT we would have an option to add a poll which may be something like the following- 'Which of my team should be replaced with a spinner?' Or 'Would my team benefit a spinner'

Obviously you can choose the poll and answers but the results of the poll are classified to who votes.
This would help the team maker.
I think smogon has a similar system.

Anyway just a suggestion.

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I like this idea. I hope Pokemaster sees it.
If I could up-vote this I would
This seems reasonable

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I think it would be simpler if people carry on the way they do now. You could mention that as part of the question, then everyone can answer with (for example) a spinner and why they would be good. Then others upvote the answer they agree with.

If you think about it, the way this site works every question is basically a poll with everyone voting on the answers.

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