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So I was looking at users on the Battle Subway section of the site, ad I saw no one had over 4,000 points! Even Mew has only 3,900, and he's the top user on that portion. So how come there aren't any Experts? I know the cutoff is 6,000, and I've also seen edited posts on the RMT. Am I just missing something?

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Actually if you have 1000 points on RMT you can edit anything. Points and Ranks

If you get given 'expert', you are able to edit every section. Hitting 6000 points on Pokebase gives you the ability to edit whatever you want on Pokebase - but normally, once you hit that mark a Mod will give you 'Expert' which allows you to edit across Meta and Battle Subway as well regardless of your current points there.
So basically, any Experts on Pokebase are already Experts on RMT. :P

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oh. I thought something was weird.