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Poke'master can you reset my pass or anything????
Maybe its because your not clicking  the big green button that sez pokebase http://pokemondb.net/pokebase ?
lol  ^
if you can log on meta you can log on pokebase and rmt
this is off topic but a made the tag "logging-in" and i have noticed that people have been using it :D hooray
Perhaps you have caps-lock on. :3
nope i don't and I tried changing my password and it said it is wrong!
@Poke'master could you e-mail me my password???
-___- it will be quiker and save pokemaster pointless time if you just press the "I forggot my password" button that will send an email to you with your password.
Have you confirmed your e-mail?

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I don't understand... you are logged in now. When you log into one section you should be logged in to all sections.

And you have posted on Pokebase since you made this thread... is it sorted now?

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