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For example, a new user asks a question, and rio answers that question. Now, the new user is still getting used to things and does not give rio BA, even though she deserves it. What I'm suggesting is, If a question is answered and a day later no BA is given, then a check mark or something will appear on the answer for everyone to see and click, once this has been clicked 15 times, that user received BA. During this time the user who asked the question is still fully capable of giving BA, but chances are if a BA is not given after 24 hours, a BA will not be issued by the asker. Just an idea I had.

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This is what upvotes are for ;)

It doesn't really matter if a user doesn't select BA on their question, but when they do it's up to them to decide which one answered their question best. And we should given them plenty of time in case they don't come back for a week or more.

Mods only select BA if it's been several months and there is a clear best answer.

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