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Experts: 10 min

Editors: 10 min or hour

Mods: 10 min / 1 hour / Forever

I wouldn't give it to just mods. If all of them have it, we will always have authority in chat.

(Also give it to Rio because she is awesome :D)

Just a suggestion.

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The Rio thing is a bit unfair but the rest is really needed.
its a joke
Yeah, giving rio extra priveleges would be more than corrupt. But i agree that this is almost a necessity, especially after what just happened on chat.
I think the expert one should have to 2 Experts to kick someone off the chat. Like you press a button that says "Kick user?" and then it says on another expert (if they are on) it says "this expert wants to kick 'username' off, agree?" Or something of that nature. It would not be wise to do it for any expert as you can become an expert through points which gives cheaters just one more reason to upvote themselves.
No, Experts are promoted by Mods. Not automatic.
Really? I thought it was still 6,000 pts.
6000 is to edit the title of expert is handpicked.
If it was the old rules I would have been expert long time ago on places such as RMT.
When we got to 6,000, we got the Expert privilages, but it still said "Registered Users". When we got promoted, It would say Expert.
Kick times seem a bit lengthy. A kick is more of a "get out of the chat for a second, you're doing something wrong".
Yeah maybe something like 5, 10, 15 min. Mods do not really need this as we can just ban.
But banning removes everything.
Okay, I didn't see this until now, but
Lolz. I would not be corrupt with kicking powers! I would only use if for big scandals like today when everyone was dying of Panic Attacks.
But otherwise, I totally agree with this, seeing as I mentioned about 3 times during the debate.
Yeah, but banning for just kicking from the chat is not too bad. In fact sometimes it is good because it makes it so they do not make angry Meta posts whining about why they are banned.
AND ME!!!!!!!!
Come on, you don't even have 10 points xD
Lolz Jcm. And why bring it back xD? DON'T LEAVE!
Yeah... Yeah... JCM just shut it.

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This has been suggested many times, and will be done some time soon.

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