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So, as many of you know, there's recently been some idiot on this site constantly making dupes and being an annoyance in general. I propose that, if possible, we should be able to kick users for longer amounts of time than 10 minutes, and possibly even straight up ban users from chat. (the latter would be mostly useful for editors, as we can't ban people from the rest of the site) This would make it a lot easier to keep consistent spammers out, as we wouldn't have to stop whatever we may be doing every once in a while, only to find that more than ten minutes has passed and chat has filled up with spam.

If anyone is worried about editors 'banning' users from chat, I'd suggest the max ban be 24 hours, its by no means permanent or extreme but gets the job done way more effectively than 10 minutes.
This would be nice. But, if PM isn’t able to implement it, I guess we all could just yell at hellfire on discord any time we see someone being an annoyance.
Bruh I can't be online at all times
Well you might just have to be. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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