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We've had tons of arguments. And I mean a lot. And this isn't limited to just chat. It's on posts on Meta (mostly), PokeBase, and even maybe the Battle Subway. To stop all, this, I'm proposing a blocking system.
Basically, you will have the option to block a user. You will no longer see their posts, see them on chat, or be able to answer their questions. And vice versa. This will stop arguments that involve the same people every time.

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love the idea mew.
i like this idea i dont think that they shouldnt be able to see each others posts though because if they are legit posts then they could be useful. If someone is posting just to insult someone else they should be banned anyway.

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To be honest I can't see this working. If you hide other people's posts, you'd miss out half the conversation, post answers when there is already an answer, etc.

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