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May I vote you down?
@DD:Why would you need to?
Coz this question seems quite stupid to me
DD, don't ask, just do.

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Firstly, because the .com was already registered, so I registered a .co.uk. Once pokemondb.co.uk started becoming popular I thought it would be better to use a domain not specific to a country, so I got a .net.

Anyway .com is meant for companies, while .net is supposedly more appropriate for things only existing on the web. So that's it!

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Oh I was jus wonderin
That's cool. I also just realized that both serebii and bulbapedia are .net's too. I mean I knew they were .net but I never thought about it until you asked this question.
Plus, ".net" refers to trafficking to a "net"work, which could very much pertain to a community or database. I think .net suits it well!