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Recently I've asked in the chat room why I cannot vote. I was told that I need 30 points. 1) I cannot see my own or anybody else's points like I can on the database(next to their name) 2) I'm told I have at least 30 points anyway, so what's wrong?

Normally right there^^ it would show my points, right?
It lists your poinits and # ranking on your profile as well

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Ahh i see your problem.
not so recently the point system changed and the voting system for Meta was 5 for a vote and downvote, hence why the point limit was so low to vote.
Recently the voting system changed on all sections and now the system is 10 for a vote and downvote and the limit was moved up (or down in Pokebase's case) to 40.
Obviously some people cant remember or just never new so yep that is why you can not vote.
No longer 30 to vote.

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oh, ok that makes sense.
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Here is where you can see Meta points. You probably cant vote because you are right at 30 and down-voting will take you down to 28. The points dont show up next to your name in meta also(referring to your comment). But you probably cant vote since you are right at 30. Plus on your meta profile Here it doesnt say you have any extra privileges.

Thanks for the help (I'd vote for your answer, but....)