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Make is so people can't ask "What level does _____ evolve (learn ____ move/etc) at?"

I mean, it's fairly obvious that you can look them up. I think that it should be stated in the Rules, which should be mandatory to read, that easily asked questions should be looked up yourself. I understand that its an "Unspoken Rule", but it seems pointless to have that clogging up the Database when anyone, even the laziest, could take themselves literally 30 seconds to figure it out. I mean, it's for their benefit, right?


You work your butt off for us, Pokemaster, filling up this Database with the knowledge, and I feel that these sort of questions aren't necessary. Sorry if I seem sorta pushy! xD

PS: I know some of those Q's are kinda old, but it just proves that it's been going on for a long time.

Thanks for reading my rambeling post! •^-^•

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1. These Qs are definately not needed.
2. Edit the title. Not too helpful
I think this topic has already been touched on. I believe pokemaster's reply was that we shouldn't ban these types of questions just because they are easily looked up. Believe it or not, some people have trouble searching through web pages to find answers, and if someone would just post you the answer then it would be more helpful.

I do agree it's a nuisance, but there could be some viable reasons people can't find the answers to their questions, which other users would consider easily looked up.
I agree 100% with Rio.
Hi Ninja! (>^-^<)
We already do not allow these questions, they must have slipped past or were asked before the rules were in place.
Next time it happens, just give a simple link for them to look at and flag it.

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As SF said this is already in the rules. So any new questions that are as trivial as those can be flagged/hidden. Leave the ones up there for now, I will sort them out when I finally add a thing for closing questions.

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