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So, I heard that if you got to your profile and delete your name, then type in someone else's name, it will take you to that persons profile. I did this and it worked, but what I found is that if I do it ad type my name in caps, like this: SWAGGRON, then that's what my name will appear as on my profile. Or if I type my name like this: SwAgGrOn, then it will appear as that. Not sure if this is a big deal or not, but it seems kinda wierd, so I thought I would bring it to attention.

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i already knew this :D
Do you mean you can change your username?

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Yeah this is known. If you want a technical reason, it's because when the software looks up the username in the database, it matches upper and lower case.

Anyway it's not gonna get "fixed". All the links on the site point to the "correct" version of the page.

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