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I saw someone with the username pokemaster4.

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I did set something up to stop usernames with "Pokemaster" (as well as other things like profanity) but it's obviously not working right now. I'll fix it up when I can.

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>Some guidelines:
-Please put your current name as well, for example "Can I change my name from Pokemaster to UberPokemaster?" so that others can see who's changed names recently.
-Answers will get hidden a week or so after the name is changed.
-Usernames are limited to 20 characters (including spaces and punctuation).
-Any normal characters are allowed in usernames except for these 4: @ + / (Soft Hyphen here)
-Misleading characters like hidden spaces are not allowed.
-Usernames may not contain "Pokemaster" to avoid confusion, nor contain swear words. -Name Rater

You see you can still put Pokemaster in your name its not built into the system that you cant its just a guideline on the Name Rater saying you shouldnt. Again you can still do it your just arnt suppose to.

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I just made up the name, I didn't know it was the creator's username. If I have to I'll change it but I don't know how
Hi Pokemaster4, if you don't mind I would prefer you change your name. It's just to avoid confusion amongst users.
Gotta say though, when I first got on this site, pokemaster was one of the first usernames I thought about having.
lol me too
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It's ok, like I said I didn't know it was the creator's name and I didn't know there was a rule agenst putting Pokemaster in your username.

I'm changing my username to UltimiteFlygon to avoid confusion......

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