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10000 points.

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Lol.If you were speaking logically that would be weird.
I wasn't made an expert until I was almost 20,000
The reason for that speed freak is because Pokemaster had not yet made the Expert class yet. After you were made an Expert, Will was also made an Expert and I believe it was decided upon that 10000 points qualifies a person as an Expert.

@Pakey: Do you mean literally?

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Done and done. DD is one of out earliest and best members :)

But I probably won't be adding more "experts" for a while, even if other good members come through. I think we have plenty for now. Like I have mentioned before, I'm hoping a future version of the Q&A software will give people additional "powers" automatically when they have lots of points.

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Aw man, I'm Soo close!!
Okay, I accept your decision..:(
THX, man! :D
BTW, DD doesn't mean "Done and done" :D
Mabye some privlages when you get 1000 pts and 5000pts is my idea. I don't really mind about the "no more experts for a while" thing though, I am NOWHERE near 10000prs...   

Well I guess 3000 isnt TOO bad...