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Becuase it has been around for almost 12 months (the pokebase not the actual website I have been on that for a while) and I think it would be a great Idea to celebrate a year of pokemon questions and answers :)

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Great idea
I've been on for 1 month and I still like the idea. What would happen would it just stay the same?

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Actually it's only 9 months so far. It opened last April :)

But maybe we will do something... do you have any ideas?

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Burn down the smogon headquarters (which I believe happens to be in the basement of a 70-year old virgin's mother's house.)

For a serious suggestion (although if anybody else is up to it I can become serious about the smogon thing) I can hold a celebration tournament on Shoddy. And we can also give out awards to members of the site for things like "Best Questions", "Best Answers", etc.
Yes, an award ceremony! And maybe code it so that little trophy emblems for each award go into each answer or onto our profile?

Like for example: A "Best movesets of the Year 2011" emblem badge thingy.
Yeah, I was thinking we should get a trophy next to our profile.

Also, here is how I think it should be done: All the editors, experts, and of course you Pokemaster should decide on the categories. For each of the categories we should then decide on four people who we think are most deserving of winning. Then, we could put on the homepage of the site a poll where everybody can vote once in each category. After a (week or two? Month?) we can see who the winners are. For an example of how the polls would look, see the polls on Will's site.
I agree with it, the trophy idea is SOOO great. ~-~WILL~-~'s suggestion is a great idea!!
YESS! Although l've only been on this site for about two months, l loove this idea!
This trophy/medal thing would be an AWESOME thing!