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I've had no luck in finding a good image, as I suck in internet searches. We need a champion's belt or crown or something that is something a champion would be given, and has some sort of imagery related to Pokemon.

This is something to be given only to someone who can beat the Elite 4 and the champion, not just whoever is champion.

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I gotcha. Was planning on this already. I'm going to make something looking like our banner, but with "Champion" added to it with the same font. Just need to get the font and color right.

Would anyone disagree with this?

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I got an idea! If you could, make ghosts on the side, like mismagious and dusknoir, like when we had the haloween database. For Hex.
And if you provide a link to the image, I can do it. I have and know how to use Adobe PHotoshop.
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How about this: Crappy Pokemon belt ?

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The name says it all..... It is crappy.
Yep... you googled "pokemon champion belt" too...
Lol, yes. And thanks for the constructive criticism, JCM.
Lol V-Z