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We need a restart on the DB server really badly. Here are a few reasons.

  • Generation 6 is up and hype, and it would be great to not go on the laggy main server and scrolling through that user list.

  • Some of the scripts are broken, and Sciz has fixed some of them up, but they can't be done without a restart.

  • Technician is broken. The battle crashes every time we use a Pokemon with Technician.

  • /tour doesn't end after a tour ends, we have to manually /endtour it.

  • /hideauth then changing names can cause some weird effects.

  • /modchat + doesn't allow gym leaders to talk.

  • Roulette is being fixed

Please restart :C

~ Mewderator, TestingAlt123, Based God Mew, Xearneyltal

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Löl, we need this badly.
Mew, we wouldn't need to fix this crap if you would stop breaking it all the time.
Mew can't even change things, you damn well know that.
o rly. I guess you weren't there then. Mew broke it so hard that I became room owner of every room including lobby. That's what I know.
OK will sort this tomorrow.
And since when did I break it?
The /hideauth thing is very easy to fix manually.
What I meant was you guys couldn't fix it. even Sciz didn't know how to fix it at the time. D;

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This has been done.

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