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Think it's already suggested but..

A wild chat spammer appears!

Admin kicks spammer!

Spammer gets exited out of chat with a little window saying "you have been kicked reason-a reason"

They can go back on chat right after but if they keep spamming it'll just be a bigger penality..

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Nah, kick em for 5 minutes instead of letting em come back instantly. Btw this has been uggested by everyone and thir brother.
99% of the time they know why they were banned. Because they were doing something stupid on purpose and we have told them they are doing something wrong several times already before we ban. I think this would be more useful when hiding Questions and Answers.
How about we give kicking powers to Editors, Experts, and Undercover Mods? Mostly because those groupings are on the most during incidents.
Who are the undercover mods anyway?
Sis, you can't decide that an unofficial group of leaders gets powers. Even though i'd love that. We must be responsible, and when we will be, we will become Experts.
Rio deserves these powers.
There are no under cover mods. That was a joke.
Lol I got kicked off the Undercover Mods list because I became an Expert :P
Idk. Maybe with some adjustments, the Undercover Mods could become an actual  position. Though we just troll on chat and stuffz, and dont do anything really other then brighten other user'z dayz; we're there to make sure the chat doesn't explode when something breaks out. Keep the peace in balance.
So an actual Mod can decide who is worthy of basically the only thing we got, kicking powers. The UCMs are just there to keep peace.

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I have already been working on this for a while, should be done soon :)

EDIT: It is done.

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